Drastic Plastic – 7 Top Actors Tips for Cosmetic Enhancements

21 Mar 2017, Posted by webdev_t6z8ug9s in Casting Tips

We all want to look our best, but for those of us whose careers depend on it it is vital and for none more so than women. Sadly this is not the time or place to enter the wormhole of a gender debate, but women are still judged largely on how they look and god forbid that any female of the species should appear in front of the camera if they look over 30.

Yeuch! Who in their right mind wants to watch a film or TV show with some ancient crone in their mid 30s or even worse some female fossil who is maybe 50 or 60 – unless of course they are playing a downtrodden wife or grandmother. And this is not just the angry rantings of a woman who is only just out of her twenties (tee hee). As a side bar check out this fascinating report by Polygraph that backs up the apocryphal stories that women have less dialogue and roles as they get into their 40’s.

Anyhow I digress. So what do women do? They often “do a Cher” not just lyrically but actually and try and “Turn Back Time”  and have “a bit of work done.”

“But surely that is their choice isn’t it Nicci?” I hear you cry. “Who are you to judge what people look like and what they do to their bodies? If they want to enhance what God gave them then why not?”

Well thank you for your comment and I agree  – apart from when they’re an actor then often I AM the person who will judge what they look like and whether I think they are appropriate for the role. After 20 years as a Casting Director I have seen more Frozen faces than a Disney executive and more fillers than that bloke on the Polyfilla counter at B&Q.

I’ll stop being flippant; in reality a little tweak here and there never hurt anyone, but please keep things in moderation.

Here are some of my Top Tips for things actors should avoid.

– the prevalence of botox treatment has reached an all time high, but before you partake please ask yourself whether this will impact on your ability to deliver an emotional performance. From my perspective I won’t hire you if your face doesn’t move enough to tell me whether you are happy or sad and might even start dropping a hint by singing “Let It Go.”

Fillers – if you’re going to have fillers please avoid that bloated bland look. Personally I love to see interesting faces that have seen a little life – so don’t flatten your face and remove all your character.

Lips – Two words. Trout Pout. I think you catch my drift!

Teeth – white teeth are great, but be careful with over whitening and with veneers they can look too perfect and very false. You don’t want to look like a cheshire cat

Implants – again don’t go crazy with breast augmentation and however you justify it remember a bum implant never got anyone an Oscar!

Guys – much of these other points apply to men too, but specifically guys be subtle with your hair dying. Looking like Peter Stringfellow or a reject from a Grecian 2000 advert is not a good look.

Cosmetic Surgery – for those of you with bigger budgets for more radical surgery, when you go shopping for a new nose and before you sign on the dotted line ask yourself whether this new conk will really get you more work or whether going on a Meisner course or something similar would be a more sensible investment. If you want a new nose by all means get one, but don’t justify it with a spurious argument that it will get you more work.

And most importantly please DO NOT go into debt for cosmetic surgery. Any enhanced feeling of overcoming those deep-seated body issues you have would soon be negated when the credit card companies or bailiffs come knocking at your door

In summary if you get the cold shoulder for a job it probably wasn’t that you didn’t look young enough so follow Elsa’s advice…

Let It Go. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway.


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    • Kim B

      Great Advice, I’ve seen some truly beautiful women completely change their whole face by just ‘tweaking’ a little.

    • Angela Lewis-Wright

      So, so sad that people will inflict serious pain on their beautiful bodies to get a certain ‘look’. The old adage is still true, beauty begins inside.


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