Turning it Up To Eleven!

29 Aug 2017, Posted by Nicci in Casting Tips

Cheers Me Dears!

I’d like to just say thanks for all the incredible feedback I get about my blog. Little did I think when I started publishing my tidbits of advice just over a year ago that I would get such a great response or that I would get so many visitors to the blog.

People very kindly tell me that the blog posts genuinely help them and their careers which makes me so happy 🙂


Turning it Up to Eleven!

So it is with this in mind that I have decided to knuckle down to it and like Spinal Tap crank the volume up to 11… oh yeah and blog more too!

But I won’t be doing this on my own though, I hope to bring in some very cool and knowledgeable people for some guest posts all of whom share my goal of helping aspiring actors make the most of their talents and progress within the industry. I would also like to spread my wings a little too so I’m going to hunt out some opportunities to blog on other sites too.

And in addition to upping my BQ (blogging quotient) I also want to extend my other educational activities for actors. I already do physical workshops, but I am hoping to develop some digital products.

I’m not saying it will be easy and that I won’t hiccup occasionally, because as you will gather my casting day job keeps me really busy, but I have really been blown away by your feedback and so I am uber motivated to try and give you more of what you love.


Gimme Some Sugar Baby!

So… I would really love to hear from you all as to what blog posts you’d find useful and also what other content or activities would help you progress with your career.

I’d be grateful if you could click the link below with any thoughts you may have and as a ‘Brucie Bonus’ I’ll enter all you actor peeps into a prize draw (on September 30th) with the winner getting a one-on-one session with me over Skype.

CLICK HERE to WIN a 1 to 1 Casting Session

Thanks again!



  • Jolittleking

    Promo on Instagram & Pinterest with photos & nature memes capturing your best positive advice. You’ll pull lots of new readers.

    • Nicci

      Ooh! I like this advice. I am just blowing the dust off my instagram account as we speak. Thanks xx

  • Sharon Elder

    Hi Nicci
    I would like advice on how to get on Spotlight. I’ve tried tree times and been rejected. Sadly I’ve not done a full time acting course or got three credits. I have one credit, done several commercials, walk ons and a music video but this doesn’t count. I’m keen to progress but without Spotlight I’m struggling. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Julie Root

    Having only become a professional actor in 2013 I am still learning a lot about promoting myself. I know I should contact casting directors but I am still not sure the best way to go about it. Should I invite CDs to watch me perform? Should I only email them when I know they are casting something for which I am suitable? They surely get thousands contact them so how can I stand out from the rest? I want to take control of my career and move to the next level. I want to work in TV but am at a loss as to how to go about it. Please help.

    • Nicci

      Hi Julie, sounds like there is a common thread here ( see comment from Dan) Yep will definitely cover this in a future blog. Thanks for taking time to comment x

  • daniel

    Hi Nicci,

    I’m really enjoying the blog posts, keep up the good work! Some topics that would be useful would be: Advice on writing to casting directors, because as an actor you often don’t know what contact, if any, casting directors like to receive from actors getting in contact off their own backs (due to lack of an agent or only having partial representation). Common mistakes that actors tend to make in auditions would be another useful one.

    Dan x

    • Nicci

      Hi Dan. Thanks! x Good ideas. I’ll put both of these on the list of future blogs. Different casting directors like different things, but certainly can give you my view from Chez Topping x

  • Natasha Odita

    I would love to know how to really stand out from the crowd. After being on spotlight for almost 2 years, I’m yet to have a single casting, although I do feel my look is quite unique.

    • Nicci

      Hey Natasha, I would have to look at your Spotlight page, but maybe it is your headshot and show reel that is not doing you justice. Just looked at your facebook page and I agree you do have a good look. Maybe assess what you have up there. It is VITAL that it really connects and showcases you to your best possible advantage.

  • Pamela Mayoss

    Hi Nicci, it would be great to hear what advice you give to non spotlight, agent less actors on how to get castings (decent castings!). Networking ideas & how to keep from getting rusty other than workshops/unpaid work.
    Taaaaa Pam.

  • Terry Durney

    Hi Nicci,
    Like many more “mature”, (old!) actors, I get rather frustrated that so many jobs fall outside my playing age & that so many castings are London based, (I’m based in the NW). Some advice for our age group occasionally would be much appreciated I’m sure. Another area I think we might benefit from help with is the use of social media for work. I have a Twitter account but the likes of Instagram. Pinterest & Snapchat are foreign lands to me! Thanks on behalf of my fellow oldies. Cheers.


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