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We are looking for REAL family units who must live within a 50mile radius of Manchester

We are not necessarily after the stereotypical 2.4 kids family unit. We want to capture a modern believable Britain with people who juggle busy lives even if everything isn’t quite picture perfect. It’s more important that the ‘family’ grouping rings true and are engaging and that viewers can relate to them.

We are especially keen to get larger, multi-generational families that have a lot of on-screen energy and flex among each other.
Key Points we are looking for;

  • The families should be fun, engaging and likeable. An upbeat dad is a must.
  • Diverse range of regional accents welcome. Though for filming purposes the family need to live within a 50-mile radius of Manchester.
  • Are all food lovers

Important Note: The filming will take place inside the families own home, so a good sized kitchen is desirable for the film crew to manoeuvre around

Shooting Dates: w/c 17 July 2017 – other shoots will be in October, November, March.
We need suggestions by Monday 27th March.

Please fill in your contact details and vital statistics below and attach a photo, and a short video of you doing some moves.

You MUST ensure that all video and image files include your FULL name as part of the file name e.g. billsmith.mp4.

Failure to do so will invalidate your application

Any queries please email


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