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The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

11 Oct 2017, Posted by webdev_t6z8ug9s in Inside Story

Acting Coach John Osbourne Hughes talks about his AMAZING Spiritual Psychology of Acting methodology. As an actor he understands what an actor goes through during the audition process and so has real insight into how an actor can get rid of negativity and prepare for the...


Turning it Up To Eleven!

29 Aug 2017, Posted by Nicci in Casting Tips

Cheers Me Dears! I’d like to just say thanks for all the incredible feedback I get about my blog. Little did I think when I started publishing my tidbits of advice just over a year ago that I would get such a great response or that...


Don’t Rain On My Parade

28 Jul 2017, Posted by webdev_t6z8ug9s in Casting Tips

As actors you exist in a world where people judge you and make decisions (hopefully informed) about your work: right, not quite right; hired, not hired. I’m sure you have heard many creative ways of saying “No.” Often the people making the decisions about you are...


Marketing For Actors

13 Apr 2017, Posted by webdev_t6z8ug9s in Casting Tips

With every job there are the fun things and the dull things; the things that you love to do and the things that just need doing. And while I’m sure you’d all rather be talking to Sam Mendes about your character arc, treading the boards at...


Jimmy Akingbola

01 Sep 2016, Posted by webdev_t6z8ug9s in Inside Story

Today's guest is the force of nature that is Jimmy Akingbola. Not only is he an incredible actor and a popular face  on our TV screens in Holby City and Rev amongst others, he is also a regular theatre actor with such productions as Henry VIII and Look...