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25 Jul 2016, Posted by Nicci in Casting Tips


In this ongoing blog about being a casting director it is my intention to de-mystify the casting process for both producers and actors alike and offer advice and tips to help true talent get discovered.

However, I also want to use the blog as a forum for open discussion on issues facing our industry and how we can strive even further to offer great value and professionalism to our clients. Increasingly, the industry has become infiltrated with inexperienced people labelling themselves as casting directors which has sometimes tainted our profession. These people rarely have the relationships or have built trust with agents and clients both of which are vital to ensure that projects can be quickly and cast to professional standards.

My obsession with delivering high quality casting services in a professional and friendly manner has been a very important part of my “brand” and enabled me to be able to do the job I love and deliver excellent value to my clients for over 20 years. But I am not alone there are many other such diligent and quality obsessed casting professionals in the UK and we are all proud to be members of our wonderful trade association.

The Casting Directors Association

The Casting Directors Association (CDA) was set up in 2015 by two fabulous casting directors Tree Petts and Shakyra Dowling, primarily as a body for experienced and established casting directors to collaborate and follow a set of professional standards.

Tree and Shakyra established the CDA to promote professionalism and standards in the industry and provide a safe place for producers and creatives to vet and view professional Casting Directors (CDs). The CDA have made a huge impact in such a short time by creating a platform where CDs can obtain advice and support, built stronger relationships between CDs, the APA Equity/PMA and set up a code of practice and standards that professional CDs can follow.

They have also managed to achieve a great collaboration and forum for Casting directors. The CDA is moving in a positive direction, and for me It is a great honour to be the first Northern Casting Director to be accepted on the board.

If you are a CD please visit the CDA website to find out about exciting developments and news in the casting and film industry, and join to get your voice heard.

I would also love you to subscribe to my blog so I can also keep you up to date with advances in our thinking and comment and participate and help shape us the future of the industry .


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